Rubbish leaves Windmill Hill looking like an eyesore

Craig White

Piles of rubbish were left strewn across Hitchin's Windmill Hill, sparking outrage when pictures emerged online - Credit: Craig White

Piles of rubbish have been left on Hitchin's Windmill Hill after people flocked to the centre of town to enjoy yesterday's warm weather.

As temperatures soared yesterday, many people took the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and the easing of lockdown restrictions on Windmill Hill.

But images have emerged online this morning that show large parts of the Hill covered in litter from yesterday's escapades.

Craig White

Litter has been left strewn all over Hitchin's Windmill Hill in the wake of yesterday's warm weather - Credit: Craig White

Craig White

Bins were full to the brim, and John O'Conner waste contractors were quick to clean up after others - Credit: Craig White

The post, shared on Facebook, sparked outrage from many residents - with some describing the scenes as "disgusting and shocking".

From crushed beer cans to discarded plastic bags, a small minority left the Hill looking like an eye-sore - with John O'Conner contractors made to tidy up after others.

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One online user posted: "It saddens me that some people are so self obsessed they think they are too important to take their rubbish with them.

Another added: "So upsetting to see, pretty much the case in lots of parks from yesterday. I just don’t get it, how can you not feel embarrassed leaving your litter?"

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Vaughan Watson, NHDC Service Director, said: “It is dismaying that the moment warmer weather appears, so do huge amounts of litter in our parks and green spaces.

"Littering is an eyesore and very costly to clean up. Litter bins are provided in all our parks and greenspaces so we urge people to use them, and if they are full before we get a chance to empty them, please take your litter home with you.

"Huge thanks go to our contractor, John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance, who do such a great job of picking up litter in green spaces in North Herts.”

Over the summer, this newspaper set up #HitchinHatesLitter, an awareness campaign that aimed to tackle rubbish that was blemishing our historic town. 

Windmill Hill was a spot we targeted on our litter picks each and every week, and we were always kept busy.

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