‘We wanted to feel safe in our own homes’ – Former police officer’s thanks after Stevenage flat block secured

A lock has been fitted to a door at Monument Court in Stevenage to secure the flat block.

A lock has been fitted to a door at Monument Court in Stevenage to secure the flat block. - Credit: Archant

A former police officer who said people had been living in fear in their own homes for more than two years because their Stevenage flat block was not secure has thanked the Comet for stepping in to help.

Sam Wood was at her wit’s end when she made contact about a ‘dangerous’ issue where she lives at Monument Court in Woolners Way.

She said that for more than two years homeless people had been sleeping in the communal areas of the flat block, and residents – including children and the elderly – had been subjected to drunken and violent behaviour.

Sam said numerous attempts had been made to get Aldwyck Housing Group, which is responsible for the property, to fit a lock to a particular door to stop intruders.

“We have reported and reported it and it fell on deaf ears,” she said.

“We have had security issues for quite some time, with homeless people sleeping in our lobby.

“We have had to step over people and we have had to clear away sick, urine and maggots.

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“One lady had her door broken down and was threatened by two men. It was dangerous. One resident is so scared that when her partner is away she goes to stay with her mum. We wanted to feel safe in our own homes.”

Sam said after Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland raised the issue a lock was finally fitted two weeks ago, but to the wrong door, meaning anyone could still access the building.

After the Comet spoke to Aldwyck, the following day a lock was fitted to the appropriate door – finally securing the building.

Sam said: “It’s been excuse after excuse and now it has been sorted, and thanks to the Comet and our MP we feel secure now. Thank you for your help.”

A spokesman for Aldwyck said: ““Aldwyck treats the safety of its residents as a priority and have fitted a lock to a second door to further restrict access to communal areas within our property.”