‘We’re too intimidated to say anything’ - neighbours near Stevenage park complain of anti-social behaviour

Rubbish left near to Chepstow Close park, where neighbours say is plagued with teenagers drinking an

Rubbish left near to Chepstow Close park, where neighbours say is plagued with teenagers drinking and loud music. - Credit: Archant

Anti-social behaviour in a Stevenage park is making the lives of some people living nearby a misery.

The Chepstow Close park in Chells Manor has been plagued with teenagers drinking and playing loud music for years, and people living there are worried the summer holidays will only make the problem worse.

Amy Carter has lived in the close with her husband Ben and their two children for the past 18 months.

She said: “Anyone can see how bad it is. I don’t take my kids over there because of all the smashed glass.

“Recently the kids got some berries and squashed them all over the slide so no one could use it.

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“It’s not entirely their fault – there’s nothing for them to do.

“They shouldn’t be doing it but at the same time where can they hang around?”

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Another person who lives in the street said: “The police used to come down here and make them move off but they don’t seem to anymore.

“The older kids drive down here in their cars, park up and then play music, sometimes until midnight.

“It’s not fair on people living here, but a lot of them are too intimidated to go out and say something.”

Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Sgt Jim Moatt said: “We are aware of previous issues regarding young people congregating in the park and the area has been monitored in the past.

“Local officers are still keeping an eye on the park, however we have only had one recent complaint.”

Anyone who sees crime being committed in the park should call 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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