Violent burglar jailed for 10 years

A 36-YEAR-OLD man who violently assaulted another man with a metal wrench during a burglary has been jailed for 10 years.

Jamie Planson of Blunham Road, Moggerhanger, was found guilty of aggravated burglary and appeared before Luton Crown Court for sentencing on Friday.

Planson was jailed for his part in a burglary which took place in Dunstable on April 26. The victim of the attack was in his flat when a woman he knew, Iesha Young, knocked at the front door. Young then tried to punch the victim but he managed to move out of the way. However, two men – one of whom was Planson – then entered the flat and backed him into the kitchen.

It was in the kitchen that Planson then attacked the man with the metal wrench, causing serious injuries. While the attack took place, Planson repeated “You’re a dead man” and “You won’t touch my girlfriend again” as he struck the victim.

While the assault was taking place, Young and the unidentified offender went into the victim’s living room and removed a 40 inch flat screen television and also took �400 cash which belonged to the victim’s housemate. The three offenders then left the flat and escaped in a red Peugeot car.

A neighbour who had heard the attack called the police, and the victim was taken to hospital for treatment to bruised ribs and a gash on his head which required stitches.

Three hours after the attack and burglary, police officers saw Young and Planson and arrested the pair on suspicion of aggravated burglary.

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On sentencing Planson to 10 years imprisonment, Judge Burke told the defendant that he deemed him to be a “dangerous man who is a risk to the public”.

Detective Constable Lewey, who investigated the attack, said: “This sentence reflects the seriousness of the crime and I am pleased to see that Planson will not be able to cause fear or harm to the public for a long time.”

Young entered a guilty plea to burglary and is due to be sentenced next month.