Villagers can’t stomach the thought of a digestion plant in Dane End

There will be a protest march in Dane End on Sunday. Credit: @Another_paul

There will be a protest march in Dane End on Sunday. Credit: @Another_paul - Credit: Archant

People living in a village are holding a protest march on Sunday against the proposed building of a biofertiliser storage plant on their doorstep.

Opponents to the plan for Dane End say the plant’s smell and appearance would ruin the village and its narrow roads will struggle to cope with the lorries that will supply it.

Protestor Tracey Harding said: “It is a major concern that it is going to negatively impact the village’s community and the wider community as well.”

The application was submitted by Indegro Ltd in May and proposes to turn currently unused agricultural land to the west of Hill Farm in Munden Road into a lagoon for the storage of biofertiliser.

People living in the area have strongly objected – the application has already been opposed by more than 700 people.

Protestors will start walking at 12 noon from the site and then travel towards Sacombe Bridge where there are concerns about the lorries causing accidents on a sharp bend there. Tracey said: “The problem is the roads around here aren’t built to take large HGV lorries.”