VIDEO: Hitchin and Stevenage taekwon-do instructor becomes a Master

Taekwon-do Master Glenn Horan performs a high twisting kick

Taekwon-do Master Glenn Horan performs a high twisting kick - Credit: Archant

A martial arts instructor is celebrating after becoming a Master in his discipline.

Glenn Horan, 42, has taught Korean martial art taekwon-do in the Hitchin and Stevenage area for 24 years.

At the weekend he travelled to Toronto in Canada to undertake his seventh-degree black belt grading – officially making him a Master of the art.

Mr Horan had to undergo a number of tests including brick breaking and multiple technique demonstrations.

He was examined by a panel of six current International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Masters.

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Mr Horan, who is two degrees short of becoming a Grand Master, said: “I felt relieved when I passed but it was also quite strange. Okay, I’m a Master, but what now? It’s quite daunting in that respect.

“In some ways nothing has really changed because I’m still trying to follow the tenents of taekwon-do and live my life in the right way, but there’s a bit more responsibility now. I have to be that bit more of an ambassador than I was before.

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“I have to be willing to help, guide and teach throughout the world.”

Mr Horan currently teaches classes five nights a week at the Hitchin Stevenage Taekwon-do School.

He is now considering an offer to teach a seminar in Germany as a direct result of his seventh-degree.

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• Click above to view a video of Mr Horan breaking 10 bricks in 30 seconds - The action starts at 00:35.

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