VIDEO: Door smashed open in Stevenage drugs raid

Police smashed their way into a flat today, Tuesday, on a drugs raid

Police smashed their way into a flat today, Tuesday, on a drugs raid - Credit: Archant

A drugs raid was a carried out today as part of a week of action against cannabis use.

Around 15 police officers, PCSOs and Stevenage Borough Council officers attended the raid at a flat in Broom Walk, Stevenage, at about 2pm.

They had received information that led them to believe that it was being used for the consumption and sale of cannabis.

After the door was forced open, the flat’s occupants were strip searched and drug paraphernalia was found but no drugs were discovered.

PC Chris Cowell, neighbourhood officer for Bedwell, told the Comet that even though no drugs were found the raid was a success in deterring other people from committing similar crimes.

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He said: “This sort of a raid sends out a message to people in the community that if they come to us with information we will act upon it and it warns criminals that they cannot get away with this sort of thing.

“Even though we didn’t find any drugs it was successful in reassuring the community that the police are hear to protect them and fight crime.”

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The raid was part of a county-wide campaign launched on Monday by Hertfordshire Constabulary against cannabis use and to help raise awareness about its dangers.

Police will carry out a series of raids across the county, including Stevenage, on premises that they suspect are being used in the sale, consumption and production of the drug.

Sgt Jim Cowell from the Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We want people to know that cannabis is not a soft drug and there is often antisocial behaviour associated with addresses where it is used.

“Raids like these send out a message that drug use is illegal and will not be tolerated.”

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