VIDEO: David Walliams and Johnny Vegas star in St John Ambulance ‘Chokeables’ campaign

The Chokeables advert by St John Ambulance.

The Chokeables advert by St John Ambulance. - Credit: Archant

Three celebrities have thrown their weight behind a new campaign to inform parents how to save a choking baby.

The animated Chokeables advert by St John Ambulance stars David Walliams, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt who all provide voiceovers.

The campaign has been launched by the first aid charity after a survey found that 73 per cent of parents across the eastern region did not know the correct technique for saving their baby from choking, despite it being a major fear for both of them.

The charity’s regional, training and community projects manager, Paul Knighton, said: “Knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between life and death, especially with something like choking.

“We all know how time-pressed parents are, so this film makes it as easy as possible to learn first aid – in less than 40 seconds we can all know a skill that could save a life.

“Our hope is that people watch,enjoy and share the video with their friends and family, so more of us have the confidence to act in an emergency.”

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