UPDATE: Nice Baps owner: ‘People say I’m famous’

THE owner of the Nice Baps shop which caused a media storm after appearing in The Comet last week has said how everything has gone “berserk” since the story was reported.

John O’Toole told The Comet last week how he had a letter objecting to his new shop’s “trashy” name from a teacher at the nearby Henlow’s Raynsford VC Lower School.

The Henlow High Street shop opened nearly two-weeks ago, and business is said to be booming.

“It’s been brilliant, the response we have had has been unbelievable,” John told The Comet.

“After speaking to The Comet on Wednesday morning, it just went berserk. It’s been great for business.

“People have 100 per cent been supportive. We’ve not had anyone who believes what was written in the letter.

“Friday was so hectic. We were trying to work but had TV cameras there and people kept coming in who had seen the story.

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“It’s been great, but I hate having my picture taken!

“Saturday I was sold out. Considering we’ve only been open a week and a half, it’s great.

“This morning has been busy already. People keep saying I’m famous. It’s all in good humour.

“Somebody came into the shop to say that they were going to ring The Comet to comment because they couldn’t believe someone could write such a letter.”

John’s wife Alison came up with the name, and the couple own a shop named the same in Caddington, where it has drawn no complaints.

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