‘Unexplained ghost footage’ captured at haunted pub

A SOLDIER, a former landlady and a woman and her two children are some of the ghosts said to be haunting a Comet country village pub.

And the spooky spirits have been causing such a stir, that it’s attracted the attention of a TV crew who have been filming there this week.

Alexis Corrigan, landlady of The Fox Pub in Pirton, believes that the building is haunted.

When her friend, medium Marion Goodfellow, and TV presenter Andy Matthews visited the pub for lunch, they showed an interest in filming there for a potential TV series.

Alexis told The Comet: “We have a few ghosts. Some people have seen them and I have felt them.

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“We have a soldier in one of the main bedrooms, we have a woman and her two children in the other end of the premises, and we have May, who used to be the landlady there ages ago, downstairs.

“At the end of the day, it’s each to their own. I don’t mock any belief. People believe in what they want to believe, and I believe in ghosts and have felt their presence here. A couple of the mediums have confirmed that.”

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Andy, who presented BBC1 Northern Ireland TV series Greatest Haunts, was joined by Marion and paranormal investigators Mark Webb and Steve Wood.

He hopes to begin a similar series in Britain, using the footage taken at the pub to form a pilot to pitch to TV stations, and is also in talks with a Sky TV channel to screen the pilot.

He told The Comet that, during the course of filming, crews had captured a number of unexplained occurrences.

“We rigged the building up with CCTV, motion detectors, infrared, and recording devices to see if we could capture any activity, and we have caught some interesting material,” he said.

“We have caught some voices which have no definite explanation. I’m talking actual words that you can distinguish, a male voice.

“Mark is the biggest sceptic, and was baffled by footsteps at two in the morning, even though there was no-one there.

“There was also a shadow and a latch being pulled even though there’s no latch downstairs in the pub.”

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