UKIP member standing for Arlesey in Central Bedfordshire elections makes spelling gaffe

UKIP member Tom Heeney's unique spelling of Arlesey.

UKIP member Tom Heeney's unique spelling of Arlesey. - Credit: Archant

A UKIP member standing as ward candidate for Arlesey in the local elections on Thursday has irked potential constituents by misspelling the town’s name in his pledge letter.

In the leaflet sent out to homes in the run up to the local elections, Tom Heeney’s literature is entitled ‘My pledge to residents of Arseley’.

Social media has been awash with people from Arlesey posting the pledge letter, with reactions ranging from confusion to infuriation.

@andymoore85 said: “Dear UKIP, It’s spelt Arlesey. Not sure you can count on votes from residents of a place that you can’t even spell.”

Mark Chapman said: “Arlesey deserves better.”

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Lorna Roberts said: “UKIP leaflet calls Arlesey town ‘Arseley’...doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.”

Helen Wilson said: “Well done UKIP – Arlesey residents delighted with new tag of Arseley #getitright #arse.”

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The Twitter account for the English department for Samuel Whitbread Academy waded in saying: “On the importance of literacy: I know us Cliftonians often mock our Arlesey neighbours, but that’s just ruddy mean.”

Ian Clement said: “Come on Nigel Farage, we want you in government, but mistakes like this show you guys don’t care. It should be Arlesey. Good luck.”

Ian Bailey said: “Oi Farage! It’s spelt Arlesey you muppet!”

Cambridge City Council leader Lewis Herbert said: “UKIP hit rock bottom in thousands of leaflets in Arlesey. If you want local votes, don’t call place Arseley.”

Speaking about the error, Mr Heeney said: “It’s a hiccup and it’s one of those things.

“It was spelt right on one side, but wrong on the other. It’s a printing error and there’s not much more that you can say than that.

“There wasn’t time to reprint the leaflet, as obviously time is of the essence at the moment. So there was not much more we could do than send them out.”

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