UKIP defiant as election posters are destroyed in Hitchin

UKIP posters have been vandalised in Hitchin

UKIP posters have been vandalised in Hitchin - Credit: Archant

A branch chairman of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has said that vandalism of the party’s election posters will only make them “more determined” to win seats next week.

UKIP has been made aware of three incidents where posters have been ripped to pieces in Parkway, Hitchin, while a property in Whitwell High Street had a poster taken.

Speaking to the Comet ahead of the elections on May 22, Adrianne Smyth, chairman of the Hitchin and Harpenden UKIP branch, said: “We are saddened by the wilful destruction of our posters, all of which have been on private land, so whoever has done this is guilty of both trespass and criminal damage. Even with wooden battens and screws attached to a poster, they have managed to slash and tear it to a complete mess and sprayed graffiti on it.

“However, it is gratifying that we have received many messages of support from members of the public who have seen what has happened.

“These acts of vandalism only serve to make us more determined and remind us of what we stand for and what we are up against. We shall replace the posters and it will confirm our commitment to reclaim the governance of our country.”

The branch has not reported the incidents to police or taken further action.

UKIP has candidates standing in all but one of the 14 seats being contested at North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) and 11 of the 13 at Stevenage Borough Council (SBC).

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