Two Christmases: Potton mum writes new festive tale for kids with separated parents

Potton author Sharon France with her four-year-old daughter Livia. Picture: Sharon France

Potton author Sharon France with her four-year-old daughter Livia. Picture: Sharon France - Credit: Archant

A Potton girl’s experience having a Christmas each with her separated parents has inspired her mum to pen a special festive story for children in that situation.

Sharon France, 41, wrote the story Two Christmases for her four-year-old daughter Livia last year after breaking up with her dad – but family and friends loved it so much they urged her to publish it.

The story tells how Father Christmas’ helper Eddie the Elf makes sure all the presents are delivered for children who, like Livia, have a Christmas with mum and another with dad.

“Parents can sometimes lose the magic when things like this happen, but I truly believe this could help,” said Sharon.

“Now, here I am with a published book that I really think will help others to make both Christmases just as magical.

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“I have a lot of friends in a similar situation who have purchased the book already – there are so many families out there in this position, and I really hope my book helps parents and children alike.”

Sharon had never written a book before she wrote Two Christmases in September last year, with no intention of having it go any further than her own family.

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It follows trusty Eddie the Elf, who steps in to help after Father Christmas is too tired to deliver a second set of presents.

“After sharing my story with friends and family I was encouraged to look into getting it published,” she said.

“I found a publisher, and within three weeks I had my first edition in my hand! The book is available on Amazon, and I have had a lot of interest in it.

“People are amazed that there is nothing like it on the market and that I have found a gap in the market. That’s something I had never really thought of!”

Though the story will be told in many other households this Christmas, Sharon is still looking forward to sharing it with her own daughter Livia again.

“She loves the book,” said Sharon. “She speaks of Eddie the Elf and her eyes light up.

“She is so proud of it, too – I have dedicated the book to her, and she gets so excited when we talk about it. I can’t wait for Christmas so we can put the book into action.”

Two Christmases is available in paperback from Amazon, and costs £5.99.

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