Tribunal date set for former Letchworth council staff

A DATE has been set for a tribunal between former staff at Letchworth Garden City Council and the current administration, it was revealed yesterday (Tuesday).

Former employees, who are in dispute with the council over a nine month notice period that was not given before they exited office, will have their case heard between May 11 and 13.

The announcement was made at the council’s AGM and comes following two previous court dates last September and earlier this year which were rescheduled after too much irrelevant paperwork was submitted and a new argument introduced too close to the hearing.

The council, which is expected to be abolished in the next four years after a campaign by Help Eliminate Letchworth Parish Council (HELP), has already incurred costs after former councillors brought legal actions against them which were unsuccessful.

Cllr Ian Mantle, volunteer clerk for the council, said: “The tribunal will determine who is right and who is wrong and that’s it.”

Speaking at the meeting, Letchworth GC resident Pauline Worland said: “I would be ashamed to be a councillor when you do nothing apart from writing horrible words about the staff.”