Travel review: The Dorchester, London

Nestled in leafy Park Lane is one of, if not the, grandest hotels in London. The Dorchester stands proudly in the midst of the Mayfair street, surrounded by a fleet of supercars and glamorous guests.

As soon as you swoop through the revolving doors and place a foot on the cool marble flooring you are aware you have stepped into a unique space, confidently lavish, yet chic and welcoming.

This is a hotel built to please its clientele. While some look the part, it is clear the Dorchester completely takes on the persona of decadent luxury and breathes hospitality throughout every room, corridor, window and pore.

Everybody is treated like a celebrity at this famous hotel. They have entertained some of the world’s most powerful or notable people, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, but anyone lucky enough to be issued a room key at the Dorchester is sure to be treated like royalty.

The rooms have recently been upgraded with a modern twist but the ethos of the hotel has remained: luxury at its best. Nods to bygone eras and the roaring 30‘s (when the hotel first opened) pepper the sleeker, sassier new bedrooms.

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The hotel is a wonder to explore with a parade of shops and more unusual historic feature, such as the barber shop. This has been offering the finest traditional grooming services for over 30 years and still has a legion of loyal fans who would not dream of getting their locks clipped by anyone else.

The old and the new mingle effortlessly at the hotel and just next door to the hairdressers is the world-renowned spa. Reopened in 2009, this bright, airy and feminine collection of rooms oozes 1930’s art-deco glamour and features eye-catching displays such as a clear wall filled with nail varnishes. It also boasts the dreamy Spatisserie which would not be out of place in an F.Scott Fitzgerald novel.

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An undeniably outstanding aspect of the hotel has to be the Promenade. Flanked by seven foot flower arrangements (which are carefully crafted at 5am each morning), this long, luxurious stretch of plush tables and chairs houses much of what the hotel has to offer.

Nearer to the rear of this hall is the bar, run by chatty and knowledgeable mixologists more than happy to create a personalised cocktail for you. Live entertainment can be enjoyed here on a daily basis.

Guests can also access the hotel’s three impeccable restaurants from this gateway to grandeur; China Tang, Alain Ducasse, and the Grill. Our restaurant for the evening was the latter. Don’t be fooled by the casual name; this restaurant is luxury at its best.

Staff are impeccably dressed and have a flawless knowledge of their menus and the ornate meals swanning out of the kitchen. Dinner here is very much an experience, with dishes such as pea puree with mint and crème fraîche, and lamb ravioli beautifully presented and each paired with exquisite wines. The Grill is currently closed and undergoing a refurbishment but it is due to reopen this Autumn.

In the morning breakfast can be taken in the Promenade - a perfect way to start your day.

Should you choose to stay at The Dorchester for your next London visit, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Expect to leave in the morning feeling like you have discovered a home you never realised you had.

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