‘We need to solve this dangerous parking problem,’ says Stevenage man

Cars parking in the underpass leading onto Primett Road.

Cars parking in the underpass leading onto Primett Road. - Credit: Archant

The road safety problem caused by motorists parking dangerously in a Stevenage underpass has got worse since it was highlighted by the Comet, it has been claimed.

A car nearly hits a parking vehicle on Primett Road in Stevenage.

A car nearly hits a parking vehicle on Primett Road in Stevenage. - Credit: Archant

Mark Smith was walking on the footpath which runs alongside the Primett Road underpass last week when he saw vehicles backed up all the way on to a blind corner.

The 54-year-old said: “It is ridiculous. It states in the Highway Code that you shouldn’t narrow the highway. It’s illegal and anyone who parks there should get a fine.

“They should put double yellow lines all the way down both sides of that underpass.

“People who drive down there are not expecting anything to be there. If it carries on someone is going to go into the back of one of those vehicles.

“It could cause a really nasty accident and something should be done before that happens.”

Mark, who lives in Fairview Road, added: “If there was an accident in the Old Town and an emergency vehicle needed to get down there they wouldn’t be able to.

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“I think something needs to be done about it as soon as possible. Since the story in the Comet last month things have just got worse.

“I don’t know where the cars have come from but they just appeared overnight.

“The people leaving their vehicles there need to know it’s dangerous.”

Despite having no markings or signs the road is subject to a traffic order prohibiting vehicles from stopping or waiting there. Herts County Council has previously confirmed that it is working with police to tackle the problem.

Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Team Sgt Alison Hutchin said: “We are aware of the issue with people parking irresponsibly on Primett Road and are monitoring the area.

“We have been issuing warning notices to any motorists who have parked their vehicles in ‘contravention of a clearway’, which is a road traffic offence.

“Any driver who continues to commit this offence in this area will then be issued with a fixed penalty notice.”

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