Stevenage woman’s shock after roof is blown off

Debbie Woolley's roof in Stevenage

Debbie Woolley's roof in Stevenage - Credit: Archant

A woman has told of her shock after her felt roof was blown off her house in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday).

Debbie Woolley, 51, of Colestrete, Stevenage, awoke to the sound of a large bang at approximately 2am and initially believed it may have been a car accident. However when she looked outside she realised the felt roof had been blown off both her and her next door neighbours’ homes.

Mrs Woolley said: “It was such a shock. I just heard this huge almighty bang and, of course, I expected to look out the window and see some kind of accident but not my own roof. It completely blocked our back doors which made it difficult to get outside.”

The felt layer of Mrs Woolley’s roof has been completely blown off, exposing the wooden boarding beneath which is sensitive to rainfall.

As a result she was forced to turn off all the main electricity in the house. At one point prior to the switch-off, her bathroom light began shooting sparks of electricity.

Mrs Woolley has arranged for temporary tarpaulin to be installed and is being advised by an electrician on when she will be able to use all available power in her house again.

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