Stevenage students ‘at risk’ due to zebra crossing delay

Robin Parker (left) with fellow Stevenage borough councillor Graham Snell at the site of the unfinis

Robin Parker (left) with fellow Stevenage borough councillor Graham Snell at the site of the unfinished zebra crossing near The Nobel School - Credit: Archant

Parents continue to wait for a second zebra crossing to be installed outside two schools – four years after safety concerns were first raised.

Funding was secured in 2011 for Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to build another crossing in Mobbsbury Way, Stevenage, near to The Nobel School, but the £55,000 project has encountered numerous delays.

The second crossing, which would complement one situated outside Lodge Farm Primary School, was first called for after two students at Nobel collided with cars in September 2009.

Some work on the crossing has been carried out, although the redevelopment of Nobel, as well as the need to move a lamppost, has caused delays to its completion.

Robin Parker, Stevenage county councillor for the Chells division, has been working to get the crossing installed for the last four years. He said: “Whilst delays due to the school rebuilding were unavoidable, it is clear that since that was completed HCC’s contractors have not given the zebra crossing work the priority it needs.

“A new school year has now started, with well over 1,000 pupils on Mobbsbury Way at least twice each day. Many of them need to cross the road and each further delay to the new crossing puts more of them at risk.

“None of the contractors or others involved seem to be serious about getting this job done. I chase it every few days.”

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The Comet spoke to a number of parents of students at Nobel and Lodge Farm who echoed Cllr Parker’s concerns.

“There’s so much traffic in the mornings so it definitely needs to be done – the kids just walk out in front of cars,” said Andrea Prutton.

Joanne Humphreys said: “There’s a lot of traffic coming in and out of the Nobel turning. One morning a car went into the turning and stopped so we started to cross and then it almost reversed into us. There needs to be some sort of deterrent and I think another crossing will help.”

Lollipop lady Pat Chambers said: “I think the second crossing would make a difference. If students are heading in the other direction they’re not going to cross at the current zebra crossing. The kids think they’re adults but they’re not.”

A spokesman for HCC said: “The works have been delayed while the school building works have been going on. Now the school is open we want to move things forward as quickly as possible.”

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