Appeal to help Hatfield victim struggling to walk after major Stevenage crash

Megan Dowsett, 22, from Hatfield was one of the 17 people injured in a crash in Stevenage during a c

Megan Dowsett, 22, from Hatfield was one of the 17 people injured in a crash in Stevenage during a car meet on July 18. Picture: Megan Dowsett - Credit: Archant

A fundraising appeal has been launched to help a 22-year-old woman from Hatfield who is struggling to walk after a horrific crash which saw two cars come off the road during a Stevenage car meet and plough into watching pedestrians.

Megan Dowsett was one of 18 injured in the crash, which took place in Stevenage's Monkswood Way on July 18 while car club Cruise-Herts held a static meet in the nearby Roaring Meg South car park.

Megan had three seizures at the side of the road after being hit by one of the cars involved, suffering a fractured collar bone, fibula and thumb, as well as cuts and bruises to her head.

As a result, she is currently in a wheelchair which she is unable to push by herself due to the broken bones, and cannot go back to her job as a carer for older people with dementia.

Megan's mum Anne Dowsett said: "It was supposed to be an organised event, but it didn't seem very organsied and unfortunately she was one of the 18 victims that were injured that evening.

"At the moment it's put everything on hold in a lot of ways. There's a big picture that comes with it regarding Megan's ability to walk, regarding her housing - she's in a 10th floor flat which she cannot live in - and regarding her work. All of this will be put on hold for we don't know how long."

After being discharged from the hospital for the second time on Sunday, Megan - whose flat is located in Goldings House - has had to move back to her family home with her mum, who is looking after her.

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The only place for Megan to sleep at their Welwyn Garden City home is in a single bed - which Anne has bought especially - in the family dining room, as she cannot get up the stairs.

"When she got to the hospital she didn't know who anybody was, she's lost memories," said Anne. "It's very upsetting, but she's staying strong and positive. She had some anxiety about coming home, but she's home now and I'm caring for her 24/7 really.

"She's got a crutch that she's trying to use to stand, but she's quite wobbly so I do get a bit worried about her.

"It's affected everybody in the family in some shape or form.

"So much has been taken away from her. She's got a car that she loves that she can't drive for some time, and she can't live in her flat."

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to help give some independence back to Megan during her long journey to recovery. Money raised will be used to set her up in a ground floor flat.

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