‘Slow down before someone gets killed’ - motorists demand traffic calming measures after four cars collide in Bedwell area of Stevenage

Four cars were damaged in the crash on Colestrete last Wednesday

Four cars were damaged in the crash on Colestrete last Wednesday - Credit: Archant

A nightmare that needs sorting out before someone gets killed – that’s how people in a built-up part of Stevenage feel about their streets after the latest crash on their doorstep left four cars smashed up and written off.

Police had to shut Colestrete at both ends at Six Hills Way and Bedwell Crescent after the cars collided just before the ‘school run’ rush at around 3pm on Wednesday last week.

Now people in Colestrete and Bedwell Crescent want traffic calming measures brought in straight away at the notorious accident black spot.

They say drivers speed through the area using the roads as a short cut to reach Six Hills Way and Fairlands Way.

Mum of two Maureen Hopcraft said: “It’s a nightmare. There’s a blind corner here so drivers come rushing round and can’t see the cars coming the other way. People should be made to slow down.

“In the summer there are children playing out here, and children walking to and from Bedwell Primary School and Marriotts School.

“I wouldn’t like to see a child run over. If something can be done and it saves a child’s life then it’s worth it.”

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She said speed bumps should be put in and roundabouts installed at the ends of Colestrete and Bedwell Crescent where they meet the main roads.

One man who lives in Colestrete said: “The traffic flies through here.

“It needs sorting out urgently. The road needs a lot more parking spaces and it could do with being widened.”

Facebook posts made the scale of concern clear. Steve Spencer posted: “Colestrete is a nightmare, too many cars parked all the way along and lots of people use it as a short cut.”

Debbie Woolley said she had seen three serious collisions ‘within weeks’ and has contacted Stevenage Borough Council and Herts County Council in an effort to get something done.

Seven crashes causing injuries have been reported in the area since October 2012, according to County Hall highways chiefs.

A spokesman said records show the crashes were due to driver error rather than excess speed, and it does not see the area as a priority for speed reduction work.

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