Recommendations put forward to tackle ‘dangerous’ Letchworth parking

Residents have complained to the North Herts District Council about the large number of non-resident

Residents have complained to the North Herts District Council about the large number of non-resident's parking in the Wilbury estate and North Way South - Credit: Archant

District councillors have put forward a series of recommendations to deal with “dangerous parking”, which will be followed by a public consultation.

Residents have complained about 'dangerous' parking in the area

Residents have complained about 'dangerous' parking in the area - Credit: Archant

Members of the North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) Letchworth GC area committee put forward proposals including the introduction of double yellow lines and parking permits around the Wilbury estate and Norton Way South at a meeting last week.

It comes after residents in the area raised concerns over the large number of cars parked in the area, some dangerously, by people commuting to and from Letchworth GC.

Cllr Grindal Gary, ward councillor for Wilbury, said: “We have been looking at the concerns of residents about traffic movements. Clearly we have argued that they Wilbury area is a priority. It has been given a lot of focus recently. I have had so many conversations with the residents over this topic and we have to find an agreeable solution.

“This is a long-term problem which will need a consultation and a well-thought out solution that does not simply move the problem to another part of the town. In the short-term the council and police should be doing everything they can to tackle the problem of dangerous parking.”

Cllr Mike Rice, whose ward covers Norton Way South, said: “I have had people from my ward come and tell me about these problems. These recommendations are things that have been looked at in the area.

“It is residents saying that they have got problems and then putting their views over to the council to look at.”

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Cllr Tom Brindley, portfolio holder for planning, transport and enterprise at NHDC, said: “We are aware of concerns from residents of Letchworth’s Wilbury ward about potential safety issues as a result of motorists parking on some road junctions. Following meetings with Hertfordshire County Council, the agency responsible for road safety measures, it has been agreed that NHDC will carry out consultation with residents next month in order that a junction protection scheme can be put in place as soon as possible.”

Safer neighbourhood sergeant Simon Turner said: “We have never received any calls about the parking described below, nor has anyone raised concerns at the police street meets, but we are liaising with the local authority over this matter. Should any further information come to light, we would investigate this and take the appropriate action.”

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