Rail users to host meeting after conclusion of Govia talks

Tomorrow's meeting follows one similar held in July last year. Picture: Bianca Wild

Tomorrow's meeting follows one similar held in July last year. Picture: Bianca Wild - Credit: Archant

Rail users will host a public meeting in Letchworth tomorrow to discuss progress made since the introduction of the May 2018 timetable.

The meeting will represent the interests of commuters from Letchworth, Baldock, Ashwell and Morden, and the Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail Users Groups, and the entire stretch of the Cambridge branch line and services will be discussed.

Representatives from Rail User Groups across the town’s and villages affected have been working with Govia to discuss improvements, and have secured changes that restores weekdays services to the same level as they were prior to the May 2018 timetable.

In a joint statement from the Letchworth, Royston and Ashwell & Morden groups, a spokesman said: “We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of our work with GTR on the May 2019 timetable.

“Much hard work on all sides has allowed us to deliver a package of changes that restores weekday service for our stations to the level before the May 2018 timetable changes, delivering on the promise made at our public meeting in Letchworth last July.

“We are especially pleased to have been able to help working parents with the late morning and early evening services from all out stations, as we know that this has been a particular source of stress for many users in the last year.

“We still have concerns about the proposed May 2019 weekend timetable and are working to resolve these with GTR. In particular, GTR have been prevented from implementing the second hourly Thameslink on Saturday, which now leaves an uneven distribution of services through the hour.

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“We would like to thank all our members and supporters for emailing, writing and posting to support the work we do. We hope it is a great example of how a local community can work together with stakeholders to achieve positive change.

“Please come along to our joint public meeting. Senior GTR staff and Sir Oliver Heald MP will be there, along with your RUG chairs, to answer questions and discuss the work that lies ahead to make sure we build and keep a better service for our stations, supporting our family lives and our local economy.”

Tomorrow’s meeting will once again see representatives for Govia in attendance, as well as North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald.

The meeting at the Spirella Ballroom in Letchworth will start at 7pm.