One in 10 fathers charge their kids for a lift

2014 Nissan NV200 London taxi (black cab)

2014 Nissan NV200 London taxi (black cab) - Credit: Archant

Think dads never get paid for their taxi services? Think again, says research from Goodyear Tyres.

One in 10 fathers are happy to charge their kids for a lift, and 11 per cent actually admit to having asked their teenagers to pay their way.

The survey of dads across the UK found that 58pc of them spend at least two hours per week ferrying their children to social and recreational events. Remarkably, 21pc even say they travel more than 100 miles per week for their children’s benefit.

What’s more, patient dads spend an average of 97 minutes every week just waiting for their kids to come out of cinemas, clubs and friends’ houses.

But despite all the time spent in the car, 31pc of dads said that driving time is the only time they get to be alone with their kids for quality time together. The most popular topics of conversation are school work, relationships and worries.

Almost half (47pc) use the time to ‘discuss’ their child’s behaviour.

“The idea of Dad’s Taxi clearly does exist in the UK,” commented Kate Rock, PR & Corporate Communications Manager for Goodyear Tyres. “It’s great that dads are happy to take their children where they want to go.”