Have your say on Letchworth’s Norton Way North speed measures

Residents can have their say on new road safety measures for Norton Way North. Picture: David Howard

Residents can have their say on new road safety measures for Norton Way North. Picture: David Howard - Credit: Archant

New safety measures for a major Letchworth road have been drawn up by Hertfordshire County Council – and you can have your say on the proposals.

Herts County Council is finalising plans for new traffic measures on Norton Way North, after the failure of previous schemes to control the flow of traffic.

One such scheme, implemented in 2017, introduced white road markings on the road, but speed surveys showed this did not have the desired effect - leading the county council to draft its second phase of proposals, announced last week.

Central to the plans - outlined in a letter to residents - are four new sets of speed cushions, a raised crossing opposite St Georges Church, and the relocation of the bus stop with a raised curb and improved footways.

Other proposals include the widening of the pedestrian crossings at the Glebe Road junction, after it was generally acknowledged by councillors that crossing Glebe Road to reach Glebe Kids nursery is difficult during busy periods.

Simon Bloxham, Herts county councillor for Letchworth North, said that while the road "isn't a racetrack," cars can often "find themselves speeding unintentionally because it's a particularly wide road."

Cllr Bloxham added that there is an emphasis on resolving the issue "given that it is a major route in Letchworth for industrial vehicles."

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He said: "The proposals will seek to strike a balance between slowing down the traffic, while also keeping it flowing during the busier rush hour periods.

"We don't intend to interfere too much and create further problems of congestion, so we have opted to draft changes sympathetically in a way that will improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians."

Cllr Bloxham also addressed plans to narrow the junction with Common View, in a bid to deter cars from parking right up to the crossing with Norton Way North, which has become commonplace.

"We've noticed a problem with cars clogging the Common View junction, which slows down the process of drivers turning into the street."

If approved, the works are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020/21.

To have your say, visit https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/consultations.

The consultation phase closes on February 11.