My First Car: the terrifying day Dad switched from two wheels to four

My First Car - Judy Hamblin

My First Car - Judy Hamblin - Credit: Archant

I thought you may be interested in this picture of my father in what I think was his second car in the very early 1950s.

He had a motorcycle licence and was therefore able to drive a car - that was the theory in those far off days! He bought a little Morris FW7135 and, with my mother, younger brother and I nervously ensconced in the back, his friend a police sergeant drove us out to a solitary road in the wilds of Bedfordshire where they swapped seats and Dad took the controls.

We unfortunates at the back did not dare utter a word as the gears etc were tried out with much cursing, but finally we lurched off and after a while it was decided that Dad had full control. Wow, I shall never forget that day!

It was a prelude to many journeys to various relations up and down the country, during which I felt constantly travel sick and was castigated for forcing the trips to be interrupted. Back then fathers had the last word and “free expression “ hadn’t been invented.

The car pictured was a Wolseley CNM815

Looking back, I suppose it was all part of life’s rich pattern as they say.

Judy Hamblin

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