MP focus on junction at centre of death crash

A junction where a young girl died in a car accident is the focus of an investigation by an MP.

Member for Stevenage, Stephen McPartland, is calling on residents to tell him about near misses at the pedestrian crossing at ASDA on Monkswood Way in the town after meeting with the father of a 10-year-old who died there in December 2010.

Yesmine Moumen, a Bedwell Primary School pupil, died from her injuries after a collision with a Mercedes while crossing with her mother to go Christmas shopping. A jury acquitted the driver involved in the accident of death by careless driving in March.

Yesmine’s parent Toufik and Yvonne, have always claimed the pedestrian lights were at fault at the crossing.

Herts County Council installed louvres on the lights after the accident to prevent both sets being visible to pedestrians at the same time, described by an inspector as a “see through problem” in 2003.

Mr McPartland said more needs to be done to improve the junction.

“My deepest sympathy is with Mr and Mrs Moumen who lost their daughter in such tragic circumstances. I cannot begin to imagine the pain they are suffering and the strength it takes to accept the loss of a child.

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“I do believe more needs to be done to improve safety at this crossing to try and prevent further incidents. I would like to hear from any readers who have experienced difficulty and close calls when using this crossing.”

He said pertinent information supplied by the public will be taken up with Herts County Council.

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