Motorists have to contend with potholes and sewage on one Stevenage road

Spilled sewage on Six Hills Way, at the roundabout with Brittian Way

Spilled sewage on Six Hills Way, at the roundabout with Brittian Way - Credit: Archant

Motorists are having to dodge potholes while dealing with the smell of raw sewage on one of Stevenage’s busiest roads.

And fed-up drivers have called for action for the problems affecting Six Hills Way to be sorted.

Tony Robinson drives a minibus and regularly uses the road. He said: “When are the authorities going to do something about it?

“At present, Six Hills Way is an absolute disgrace and to be quite frank, highly dangerous in places.

“Between the junctions of Colestrete and Shephall Way it is an accident waiting to happen, there are potholes everywhere.”

Motorist Craig Weston added: “It’s an absolute joke and it’s been like this since the middle of November. Nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

“It’s not just one pothole, it’s about 25 metres of the road.”

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Herts County Council says it will be considering whether to resurface the whole road later this year.

Contractor Ringway carries out road repairs on behalf of County Hall and divisional manager Kevin Carrol said: “We are aware of the state of the road and have responded to several reports of potholes this year which we have temporarily fixed.

“The road is being considered by Herts County Council for complete resurfacing in the coming financial year, which will alleviate these issues.”

To add to the pothole problem, a blocked sewer pipe has caused raw sewage to leak onto the road at the roundabout with Shephall Way this week.

Mr Weston said: “What is happening to the drain next to Ken Brown Motors?

“It’s pumping out raw sewage onto the road. I got out my car the other day and the smell made me gag!”

A spokesman for Thames Water, which is carrying out the repairs, said: “We’ve found a blockage in the sewer pipe which needs removing before we can fix the damaged manhole cover.

“Someone will visit the area and make sure the pipe is cleared and the cover mended as quickly as possible.”

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