MG launches its first SUV - the GS


MG GS - Credit: Archant

Earlier this month MG Motor UK unveiled its latest new model, an all-new SUV called the MG GS.

Like the other models in the MG range, the MG GS is affordable with the line-up starting from only £14,995 and finishing at £19,495 for the manual transmission and £20,995 for the DCT (dual-clutch transmission). The good news keeps coming, with the MG GS benefiting from a five-year factory warranty as standard.

The MG GS holds its own against others in its sector in a number of areas, including CO2 output, torque, mass efficiency and towing weight. The MG GS has 250Nm of torque; a CO2 value of 139g/km for the manual and 141g/km for the DCT; a towing weight of 1,750kg; and a competitive 0–60mph time of 9.6 seconds.

Designed and engineered in Longbridge, Birmingham, the MG GS has been developed to make it drive and handle like an MG should. The chassis has been tuned to deliver agility and great handling, making the driver feel confident when they take on the most challenging of roads.

The MG GS is available in three trim levels, starting with the Explore. The entry-level model costs only £14,995 but isn’t short on life’s little luxuries as it includes cruise control, automatic headlamps and air conditioning.

The next step up is the Excite which, as well as what the Explore offers, gets a DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors. All for £17,495.

Exclusive sits at the top of the range and is available with a choice of transmissions; a six-speed manual or MG’s first seven-speed DCT gearbox. Leather sports seats, that are electrically adjustable, and an iGO navigation system are great additions that allow the driver to relax and enjoy stress-free-driving. The manual is available at £19,495 and the DCT at £20,995.

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Matthew Cheyne, head of sales and marketing for MG, said: “This is a great day for us, as we can finally share the information so many people have wanted to know. The MG GS is competitive in many ways and we are confident it will do well in the SUV market.

“This car offers so much for comparatively little, making it the SUV to choose. The specification on these cars is phenomenal and when you add in the five-year warranty it’s a no-brainer. There are some really great features as well, such as the adjustable rear seats that not only recline but fold completely flat making it adaptable for whatever the customer’s lifestyle.

“Customers choosing the MG GS will save money over more expensive SUVs. They will have all the specification they could want and still have money left to enjoy holidays or family days out.”

The MG GS went on sale in MG dealerships across the country on Thursday June 16.