‘You’re waiting for the day you crash’ – motorists speak out after A505 incidents

The overhanging van which caused a near-miss on the A505 on Friday morning at the Odsey turning near

The overhanging van which caused a near-miss on the A505 on Friday morning at the Odsey turning near Ashwell and Morden railway station. Picture: Antonia - Credit: Archant

Calls to make changes on the A505 continue to come after there were two crashes on the road and a near miss in the space of two days.

The Royston Crow launched its Make the A505 Safer campaign in January 2018, calling for changes to b

The Royston Crow launched its Make the A505 Safer campaign in January 2018, calling for changes to be made to the Baldock to Royston stretch. Picture: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

The first incident, last Thursday, saw two people taken to hospital and the road shut between Letchworth and Baldock, while on Friday morning an eyewitness said a Nissan Micra ended up in a ditch after a collision with a dropside lorry at the roundabout with Royston's Old North Road.

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Just hours earlier, there was a near miss involving a lorry which was pictured overlapping the main A505 carriageway when attempting to cross from the Odsey turning near Ashwell & Morden station.

Antonia - who lives in Baldock and uses the A505 every day to get to work - was a passenger in one of the cars just behind, with her partner forced to perform an emergency stop at 70mph.

At the time of the incident, she said the only thing that went through her mind was: "Oh my god, we're going to crash. Either we're going into the car in front of us, or someone's going to go into the back of us."

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Antonia said: "I don't know how there wasn't a crash to be honest - these turnings are pretty dangerous."

She says this isn't the first time she's seen accidents almost happen on the A505, and added: "You are just waiting for the day when you have a crash."

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Posting on the 'Make the A505 Safer' Facebook group - the same name as the Royston Crow's associated campaign - about the crash which involving the Nissan and a lorry, Andi Moore said: "I think we are at the stage of not what day will accidents occur, but how many each day?"

Stuart Dickman said: "I used the junction for Ashwell and Morden for over 20 years and it's always been awful - no real solution has ever been implemented. I think the road from Baldock to Royston needs 50mph speed cameras and a roundabout at that junction or stopping a right turn from Royston to Ashwell station, apart from emergency services."

Cath Boughton agreed, and said: "I drive along the A505 fairly regularly and am shocked by the change in pace and volume of traffic in rush hours, compared to the rest of the day. Just nonsensical that this stretch is 70mph and not reduced down to 50mph - am I just being really naive in thinking this could be a really quick, cheap part-solution while bigger measures are debated and budgeted?"

Jo Caruana, a life-long Royston resident, said: "There are more cars on the road now which has made the road layout too dangerous. All in all, it's time to update the road for the present time and not the period it was designed for all those years ago."

Nick White, also posting online, added: "This once again highlights the failure of Herts County Council to act on this very dangerous crossover."

A spokesperson for Herts County Council said: "The first phase of works on the A505 relates to the Litlington turn junction which we hope can be delivered during the 2020/21 financial year.

"Before this can happen there is a considerable amount of survey work that needs to take place.

"We are also planning to carry out some foliage works along the route."

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