‘It’s only getting worse’ – locals call for action to stop roads flooding around Standalone Farm in Letchworth

Flooding at the junction of Wilbury Road and the entrance to Standalone Farm on Saturday evening, af

Flooding at the junction of Wilbury Road and the entrance to Standalone Farm on Saturday evening, after a short period of heavy rain. Photo: Kevin Kitson - Credit: Archant

Heavy rain over the weekend led to more flooding around Standalone Farm in Letchworth – and some locals are arguing that water is not properly drained off the roads.

Flooding on streets such as Wilbury Road and Cowslip Hill is sometimes credited to Pix Brook overflowing, but Kevin Kitson, who has lived in Linnet Close for 40 years, sees the matter differently.

He says the real problem is surface water backing up at road level – and that this has been an issue as long as he has known, despite a series of endeavours over the years to fix it.

“The entrance to Standalone Farm is becoming extremely dangerous for both road and pedestrian traffic,” said Kevin, who is 66.

“If you’re pushing your child in a pushchair out of the farm and get soaked it’s absolutely horrible – but it’s not beyond the realms of imagination that one day something really terrible could happen.

“I’ve seen this problem go on and on and it’s only getting worse. It doesn’t flood from the brook to the road, it’s simply a matter of not draining from the road to the brook.

“I started a thread online on Streetlife, and others there told me they’ve brought it up before. There are too many parties involved. apparently.

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“We just need all the interested parties to come together to rectify this. The obvious solution for me would be a more efficient drain between the road surface and Pix Brook.”

Photographs taken by Kevin over the weekend show the extent of the flooding.

Elizabeth Towler, environment and landscape manager for Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation – which runs Standalone Farm – said: “The weather has been the worst that we’ve known.

“After flooding outside the farm we have notified the district and county councils and will be seeking to work with them to find a solution.”

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