‘I was the next car behind’ – Baldock admin worker swerves into field to avoid A505 crash

Bryony Jones' Mini Cooper S in a field by the road after the incident. Photo: Bryony Jones

Bryony Jones' Mini Cooper S in a field by the road after the incident. Photo: Bryony Jones - Credit: Archant

A 21-year-old admin worker from Baldock has told of the horrifying moment she had to slam on the brakes and swerve into a field to avoid a crash right in front of her on the A505 yesterday evening.

Bryony Jones is suffering from whiplash following the incident, which has written off her prized Mini Cooper S – and she’s not sure if she’ll feel safe using the road again.

Bryony said she was on her way home from work at an accountants’ firm in Litlington at about 5.45pm when a grey BMW collided with a red Ford Fiesta on the dual carriageway.

“I was the next car behind,” said Bryony.

“I slammed my brakes on but I knew I wasn’t going to stop in time as it was a downhill road and the automatic braking system allows the wheels to continue spinning.”

Bryony tried to avoid crashing into the cars in front by turning off into the radio station side road, but her car lost grip and skidded up into a field.

She suffered whiplash and has taken time off work to recuperate.

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“I am in a lot of pain with whiplash and very shaken up,” she said.

“I’ve had to take time off today and tomorrow, and I’ll see how I am by Monday. Whiplash can last a few months though, and I have to go back if I’m still in pain in two weeks’ time.

“I’m 21 years old and had never seen an accident before, let alone been involved in one.

“The insurance company have said my car is a write-off, but I’m having it viewed by a garage as I cannot bear to lose my pride and joy which I worked so hard to have.”

Asked how she will feel in future driving down the A505, which is her main route between home and work, Bryony said: “This was a very scary experience to say the least.

“The A505 is the main road to and from work, which is unfortunate, and I am unsure about how I’ll feel.

“This happened when I was just coming home from my day at work like every day.

“The road is a very dangerous one, and I definitely won’t feel safe down it – which many of my friends who use the road have said as well.”

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