Passengers left ‘trapped’ after train doors don’t open at Baldock

Govia Thameslink encourages passengers to apply for compensation after the doors were not opened in

Govia Thameslink encourages passengers to apply for compensation after the doors were not opened in Baldock . Picture: Nick Gill - Credit: Archant

Passengers were left “trapped” on a train after the doors didn’t open when stopping at Baldock yesterday evening.

Amid a myriad of delays and cancellations for commuters over the last few months, technical issues with trains have also caused frustration for some.

Phil Mollon was one of those affected when travelling on the train from London King’s Cross to Cambridge, with the intention of getting off at Baldock station.

He said: “The train stopped, but the door would not open.

“I saw that many other passengers has the same difficulty at other doors. We tried door after door, running up and down the carriages.

“After a couple of minutes the train moved off. There was no announcement of any problem.

“Two ticket inspectors were on board and advised us to travel to Royston and wait for a train back to Baldock.

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“When we got out at Royston, a couple of us ran to speak to the driver to ask him why he had not let us off the train at Baldock. He said he was ‘very sorry’ – he had not been aware that the doors did not open.

“It was frustrating and somewhat alarming to be trapped on a train with doors failing to open.”

Issues with delays and cancellations began when Govia rolled out its new timetable on May 20.

In July the rail operator for Great Northern services introduced an interim timetable, which has seemingly seen a decline in problems for some commuters.

A Govia spokesman said: “We are very sorry to passengers for the considerable inconvenience caused by a temporary fault in the train’s door-opening system.

“We are investigating what caused this. We encourage passengers affected to claim Delay Repay compensation via the Great Northern website.”

Passengers faced similar problems in June when a driver ‘forgot’ to open the doors when arriving in London King’s Cross and simply walked away, leaving passengers bemused.

If your journey has been delayed, you can apply for compensation on the Great Northern website:

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