Don’t get hot and bothered, here is some summer motoring advice

Summer driving

Summer driving - Credit: Archant

Now that the Great British summer has finally arrived, here are some warm weather safety tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

• Safety first. When travelling try to always plan your journey. Check the tread and pressure of your tyres.

• Stay hydrated! We recommend having plenty of water as it is essential for maintaining blood circulation throughout the body and helps control the body temperature. Keep a bottle in the car.

• When driving, concentration starts to slip after two hours so have a breather and take regular 15-minute breaks. Get out of the car and stretch. It helps fight fatigue.

• When driving into the direction of the sun, use your sun visor to help block out the glare. If that doesn’t work, invest in a decent pair of sunglasses.

• Protect your skin and apply an SPF sun cream as it is useful for protecting parts of skin we can’t shade. This is especially important in a convertible. You may not feel the sun as the breeze can be pleasant but you may still burn.

• Put together an emergency kit; some drinks and snacks, a charger for your mobile phone and a road map for last minute detours are all useful items. Some entertainment for your younger passengers may make the journey less stressful.

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Richard said: ”Don’t forget how hot your car can be even after a short time when stationary. Children and pets don’t respond well to the raised temperature when in a confined space. Never leave them in an unattended car as they can become unwell very quickly. Plan your journey with comfort breaks for all of your passengers including your pets.”

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