Crazy Renault concepts revealed for Clerkenwell Design Week

2016 Renault SYEO concept (Image: Renault)

2016 Renault SYEO concept (Image: Renault) - Credit: Archant

Renault has unveiled a series of eye-popping concepts in advance of Clerkenwell Design Week, including a single-person vehicle described as ‘wearable’ transport.

The French car maker, the event’s headline sponsor, collaborated with Central St Martins University of the Arts in London to inspire the creation of wildly imaginative concepts picturing a world where humans no longer drive.

The SYEO is the first, offering a fully flexible inflatable interior layout that can be temporarily customised for work, leisure or even a date. The company explains: “Renault SYEO delivers flexible workspace to your door whenever and wherever you need it.

“Its novel interior is instantly reconfigurable according to multiple workspace needs – from intimate private space, to meeting, for brainstorming, video conferencing and more,” reads a statement.

Completely automated, the vehicle gives its passengers the time to do whatever they need to, inflating only the furniture they need for their time in the vehicle.

The Oura is described as a vehicular ‘suit’ that gives a feeling of weightlessness. Designed to travel on the road, the wide stance gives balance but the user’s face is the furthest-forward part of the assembly, so he or she had better hope they don’t crash.

“As autonomous technologies have the potential to eliminate collisions, it is possible to radically reduce the physicality of a vehicle designed to absorb impact,” counters Renault.

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“The intrinsic safety of this autonomous technology allows us to strip the car of it’s protective structure as well as its driver centric componentry; resulting in a massively reduced flyweight vehicle.

“In densely populated city spaces the requirement for compact, flexible, and sustainable transportation is a primary interest addressed by this proposal.”

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