Pirton resident’s concerns over gridlocked traffic around Hitchin in exam season

Herts County Council has responded to traffic concerns from a Pirton resident. Picture: Archant

Herts County Council has responded to traffic concerns from a Pirton resident. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Herts County Council has responded to concerns over rush hour traffic in Hitchin and the surrounding villages during exam season.

A Pirton resident - who asked to remain anonymous - contacted the Comet to raise concerns over gridlocked traffic between the village and Hitchin because of roadworks.

"Hitchin from Pirton, where I live, is especially stressful for families whose children are taking their GCSEs and A-levels.

"It beggars belief that Herts Highways has allowed developer Cala Homes to close the road between Holwell and Pirton for at least 12 weeks while also allowing three-way traffic lights outside The Highlander pub on the A505 in Hitchin.

"These are the only two routes from Pirton to Hitchin, and traffic is taking at least an hour to get from Pirton to Hitchin via The Highlander route.

"To make matters worse, I understand Spitfire Bespoke Homes is requesting to close Priors Hill in Pirton soon - a major traffic thoroughfare around the edge of the village.

"If that coincides with the Cala closure there will be utter traffic pandemonium."

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In response, a spokesman from Herts County Council said: "We do apologise for any inconvenience being experienced due to current works on the network.

"Please be assured that we are trying to limit disruption as much as possible while ensuring essential works are completed.

"The scheduling of the Cala Homes closure has been a detailed process due to the length of works that are required.

"We have arranged for all connection works and construction of the new junction to take place all under one closure, instead of having the road opened and closed multiple times.

"Works are ongoing, and the closure is due to be lifted on August 8.

"We have also been able to ensure that the works to the carriageway that required signals on Upper Tilehouse Street were completed ahead of schedule through increasing working hours.

"Regarding the Priors Hill site, no permission has been given for works to start on the highway."

To find out more about roadworks near you, visit hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/highways-roads-and-pavements.

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