A call has been made for crash barriers to be installed and a lower speed limit to be introduced on a “seriously dangerous” road.

The only thing separating the busy James Way in Stevenage from a public pathway and people’s homes is a pedestrian barrier, which has been described as “insufficient” by resident Jo Sorrell.

The road, which leads onto Lytton Way and the A602 to Hitchin, has been the site of six car accidents since January according to Miss Sorrell. Last week a car crashed into the barrier and turned onto its side.

There are calls for the speed limit to be lowered and ‘slow’ markings to be put on the road surface.

Miss Sorrell, of James Way, said: “It’s ridiculous. It would be so easy for a car to crash through that barrier and go straight into our home. The window of our living room is directly adjacent to that road, but we’re afraid to sit in there now.

“We’re always told the reason they aren’t taking any action is because there has never been a fatality there. It’s as if they are waiting for one to happen.”

Cllr David Kissane, a member of Stevenage Borough Council and chairman of the Old Stevenage Residents’ Forum, is campaigning for both a reduced speed limit and an improved safety barrier.

He said: “I will not let this go. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and something must be done. It is seriously dangerous. As well as new road markings and signage, the speed limit is a primary concern.”

A spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council said: “We will be installing a bend warning sign on the High Street and chevron board to warn of the bend. When resurfacing is done on this road, additional slow road markings will be painted. These are integral works to ensuring no one crashes in the first place.”