A resident is concerned a footpath which is partly covered by an overgrown hedge is dangerous.

Kathleen Chapman, 56, says she has complained to Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) three times in the last month about the hedgerow on the corner of Weston Way and London Road in Baldock.

The London Road resident said: “My son saw a daughter pushing her mother in a wheelchair along the path and could see her trying to get past the overhanging branches. While she was struggling, two wheels came off the path, tipping the wheelchair over and throwing her mother into the road.

“My son went running out and two other cars stopped to help him. If it had been rush hour that lady would have been killed.”

She said she has watched joggers going onto the road and mums with buggies trying to get past the bramble.

“It wouldn’t take long to cut it back,” she said. “I feel like going out there and doing it myself but I have just had a hip replacement. It left me speechless when the council told me this week it was deemed to be safe.”

A spokesman for Ringway, working on behalf of HCC, said: “All reports of faults on Hertfordshire’s roads through the online fault reporting system are investigated by our engineers and any works required are planned in line with industry standard specifications and timelines.

“We would encourage residents to report faults to us through the online fault reporting system www.hertsdirect.org/highwayfaults”

A spokesman for HCC said the matter would be looked into.