A stepfather has hit back at “judgemental” comments made by people in a Baldock community Facebook group following an incident in the town on Wednesday.

Police received several calls shortly before 9.30pm on Wednesday of last week to report concerns for the welfare of a man in the Coachmans Lane and West Avenue area.

Officers attended the scene and the man was detained for his own safety before being taken to hospital for assessment.

Posts began to circulate on social media as the incident unfolded, with speculation made about the man using drugs and being violent.

The man's stepdad took to the platform and said: "There are some seriously judgemental people on this page. Spouting off without knowing the facts.

"The man in the park was my stepson and he has some mental health issues at the moment.

"He hasn't taken any drugs, as you good folk of Baldock were so ready to judge. It was the opposite in fact. He's not been taking his medication and this is why he has had this episode.

"His poor mum has read all the judging comments tonight and is worried about the state of her son.

"It's great that this is Mental Health Awareness Week and all most of you can do is judge a poor young lad who is in a very bad place at this moment of time."

The post highlights the impact social media can have on those suffering with mental health issues, and their families.

It was met with responses from well-wishers and some apologies from those who raised the alarm on the Facebook group, initially thinking a stabbing had occurred.

Some hours later, another member of the group posted that there was "no excuse whatsoever for anyone to be in the street with a knife terrifying children.

"People have the right to be scared and want to discuss what happened."

For more information on mental health services in Hertfordshire, go to www.hpft.nhs.uk, or herts.police.uk/information-and-services/Advice/Mental-health.

Alternatively, visit www.samaritans.org. If you need someone to talk to you can call the Samaritans, for free, anytime, on 116 123.