A group of Letchworth campaigners have launched a petition to get a crossing installed on a busy road after “several near misses”.

Norton Action Group have raised concerns about the safety parents and schoolchildren crossing Norton Road to get to the Norton St Nicholas School.

The group formed in 2017 following an exhibition showing Herts County Council's plans to build 42 houses on the former Norton School playing fields.

Mark Nelson - who created the online petition - said: "The campaign to make the road safer is nothing to do with the development, that's just going to make it worse.

"A footpath and crossing had been discussed several years ago, but things seems to have stalled. We've been told there are more hazardous areas in the county and it's been very slow progress.

"There have been several near misses and the road is regularly gridlocked now so it's difficult to cross.

"As a result, we've launched the petition with the support of the school.

"We also have people from the other side of the road going to schools in the Grange, as well as accessing the Greenway and Norton Pond - so it's not just a Monday to Friday issue, it's all time."

The Comet approached Norton St Nicholas School for comment, and it confirmed it is "supportive of the local parents and their actions".

A Herts County Council spokesman said: "We are happy to hear suggestions from Hertfordshire residents about safety measures and improvements that can be made to roads in their area.

"Petitions are one way that people can do this.

"However, we can confirm that preparation work is already being undertaken to improve the crossing on Norton Road."

Letchworth Grange councillors Helen Oliver and Daniel Allen have also been showing their support for the petition.

Ms Oliver told the Comet: "Residents have approached myself and Daniel and it's clear this is a village that has concerns about the safety of people crossing the road.

"We will be lending all the support we can to help."

To support the petition, go to change.org and search 'Safe pedestrian crossing for Croft Lane/Norton Road'.