Mobbsbury Way in Stevenage is set to be resurfaced after receiving funding from Hertfordshire County Council.

While no official date has been set, it is expected work will begin in November.

A Traffic Regulation Order came into effect today (Monday), which can last for up to 18 months.

A TRO allows Herts County Council to restrict, regulate or close part of Mobbsbury Way once signs are in place.

Most of the carriageway will be refurbished, from the Fairlands Way junction to The Glebe service road, near St Hugh and St John's Church - a distance of 815 metres.

Liberal Democrat county councillor Robin Parker, who has campaigned for the project for nearly two years, said: "The road has been deteriorating for a long time. While it's not dangerous to ride on, for a good while it hasn't been up to standard. Mobbsbury Way is a major carriageway which is heavily used, and it's about time the uneven surface was replaced.

"The type of resurfacing will be 'plane and inlay' - that is, the top surface is removed and replaced."

County councillors are afforded an annual £90,000 Highway Locality Budget each year, but the cost of this project is expected to far exceed that figure, and will be funded directly by the county council from its Integrated Works Programme.

A small section of road from Ross Court up to the Chells Way T-junction was previously resurfaced in December 2017, following the introduction of a zebra crossing.

A spokeswoman from Herts County Council confirmed: "There are carriageway resurfacing works scheduled for November, but no definite permitted dates yet."