Traffic caused by Letchworth tip is a ‘safety hazard’

Frustrated by heavy trafffic, Jackie Scott got out of her car and walked her waste to the dump.

Frustrated by heavy trafffic, Jackie Scott got out of her car and walked her waste to the dump. - Credit: Archant

The managing director of a business based near Letchworth’s household waste site says traffic problems which have mushroomed since the tip’s opening hours were cut has created dangerous safety issues.

Michael Stoddard, managing director of Blackhorse Road-based Stoddard Manufacturing, said: “There are a number of businesses on this road who are very annoyed with Herts County Council and their lack of action at eradicating the queues.

“Traffic has backed up all the way to the end of Blackhorse Road, and onto the busier Green Lane, which has delayed delivery lorries.

“It has also created a safety hazard, as a number of frustrated drivers simply give up waiting and perform U-turns in the road in front of oncoming traffic, causing a number of near misses.

“I’ve also seen many people forced to abandon their cars and walk to the site.

“The whole situation is very frustrating and has been building up since they closed the Hitchin facility at Bury Mead Road last year, made worse by the fact the Letchworth site is now closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when it had been open seven days a week from 10am to 6pm.

“This site is too small for the increased numbers and needs to be relocated.

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“And as for the council trying to discourage people to take their rubbish on foot to the site from their stationary cars – how exactly do you discourage people from doing that?”

A County Hall spokesman said: “We ask users to bear with us and not to walk household waste into the centre, as cars are constantly entering and leaving the site, and may be a hazard.

“Cars parked up, or left on the road outside, as people enter on foot, may also cause traffic issues. Arriving before, or at opening time will cause queues, too, so we ask people to avoid doing this.”