‘Tories out’ – Green Party’s Hitchin and Harpenden’s General Election candidate Richard Cano issues rallying cry

Richard Cano

Richard Cano - Credit: Archant

Learn more about the Green Party’s candidate for the Hitchin and Harpenden seat as he issues a rallying cry to all those disaffected by Tory cuts – especially to education.

Primary school teacher Richard Cano will be fighting the General Election for the Green Party.

The Purwell Primary School head admits he has only been involved in politics for a couple of years but decided to run after he says he felt increasingly uncomfortable with the direction our country is going – and has felt motivated to do something about it.

He told the Comet: “I love Britain and I’m proud to be British, but I have a young family, with three children, and I am increasingly worried about the state of the world being created for them.”

Mr Cano was born in Hitchin and lives and works in the town too so is instantly familiar with local issues – unlike the trio of Conservative candidates vying to replace Peter Lilley as the official Tory candidate.

He has also campaigned on local issues such as saving Walsworth Community Centre and is well aware of the challenges in education as schools in our area face severe budget cuts over the coming years.

He explains: “For me, everything changed when the Tories slashed education budgets and went after the schools.

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“Extra curricular activities, vocational subjects, pastoral care for young people are all likely to go in the next few years.

“For me, a government failing to invest in its own children is a government failing to invest in the future of Britain.

“In the run up to the General Election I will be asking people to consider where their point of outrage is.

“I say this to the people of Hitchin and Harpenden – where is your point of outrage?

“If we are not upset at the cuts affecting lower income families, then perhaps your point of outrage is the effect cuts will have on the disabled?

“Or widows and widowers? Pensioners? Students? Nurses?

“I could go on.

“Education cuts were the breaking point for me – whilst the Tories protect the interests – and purses – of the privileged and big business.

“And now the Conservative Government is coming after our children’s futures.”

Mr Cano added: “We need as many votes as possible, on June 8, to help make the Green Party a recognisable force amongst the oppositional parties.

“The cry must now be ‘Tory’s out!’ – as we work resolutely together to bring that day closer.”

Follow Mr Cano on Twitter @RichardCano2.