Thieves steal sentimental items from elderly Letchworth couple

One of the sentimental items stolen was a wedding ring

One of the sentimental items stolen was a wedding ring - Credit: Archant

AN ELDERLY couple have spoken of their fury after burglars stole sentimental items from their home, leaving damage to the property in their wake.

The victims, who have asked to remain anonymous, have spoken to the Comet after a wedding ring, a wallet, and jewellery were stolen from their house.

The burglars also stole an Apple iMac, which contained photos of the couple’s children and grandchildren growing up.

The couple, who are both in their 70s, discovered the thefts after returning to their house in Farthing Drive, Letchworth GC, from an evening out.

Burglars had removed a patio door at the back of the property and made their way through the house, searching all the rooms and turning out all the cupboards and draws.

The owner of the house, who had the day before laid manure in his garden, said the offenders had jumped over the fence from Penn Way and landed straight into the manure.

“They walked into the house with muddy feet, making footprints all over the carpet and stairs and wiping their shoes deep into the carpet,” he said.

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“They have taken our photographs of our children and grandchildren growing up, which were stored on the computer. They have taken my wife’s 54-year-old wedding ring, which obviously meant a lot to her, and made a total mess of the house, which we are still clearing up and trying to sort out.”

His wife added: “Its the damage they have caused and the fact that they have been through our personal things and been in our house.”

The burglary happened between 6.30pm and 11pm on March 9.

As well as taking the valuables, the offenders also took down the curtains in the dining room to wrap the computer to protect it when taking it back over the fence.

Speaking about the ordeal the owner said: “It has been a total inconvenience and a hassle and both me and my wife are furious and feel violated.

“We are very cross, we are not pathetic pensioners, and although I can replace the items that were stolen they will never be the same.”

Following the incident, Herts Police has given tips to help protect your home and personal belongings.

The advice is to routinely check ground floor windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave the house or go to bed, upstairs windows should be closed and locked when the house is unoccupied, car and house keys should be kept out of sight in a safe place. If you’re due back after dark or are away, give your home the ‘lived-in look’ with timer switches on lamps and secure your rear garden by locking any gates.

Anyone with any information relating to the burglary should call Herts Police on the non emergency number 101.