The stakes are high as Comet intern tries out Stevenage climbing course

Comet intern Jake the first part of the course

Comet intern Jake the first part of the course - Credit: Archant

A Comet intern has been learning the ropes – 36ft above the ground.

North Hertfordshire College student Jake Tillbrook was invited to try out the So Challenging course at Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage, here he relives the experience...

Gulp! It’s not all office work at the Comet – and as I looked down at the ground far below, I realised I should have owned up to my fear of heights before starting off on the climb to the top.

But although it seemed scary, I had already been given basic training on how to stay safe by two instructors, James and John.

They told me about the six main elements – two ropes which you have to side step across, a foot swing pathway, a flat grid platform, a log which tests your balance and a net which you have to climb across.

And once you’ve done all that, the only way down is a zip line with John waiting at the end to welcome me back down to earth.

Once back on firmer ground, I was able to reflect on a rather unusual day at the office.

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It was the first time I have done anything like that since I was a kid, but I really enjoyed it – and the view from the top was an eye-opener.

And being up so high meant that the adrenaline was pumping around my system, especially when I went over the foot swings which never seemed to stop moving.

I’d definitely do it again but I’d make sure I was more appropriately dressed – work trousers, a shirt and shoes might be the way to go when you’re at your desk, but they’re not really ideal when you’re climbing!