14 beautiful pictures showcase snowy Stevenage and Hitchin

stevenage snow drone picture

A drone shot captures Stevenage covered in snow. - Credit: CineCloud

Comet readers have been submitting their best pictures after a beautiful layer of snow covered Stevenage and North Hertfordshire over the weekend.

drone picture snow day

Drone shots show Stevenage covered in a blanket of snow. - Credit: CineCloud

Flurries of snow throughout the day ensured Stevenage and North Herts were covered in a wintry white blanket on Sunday, January 24. 

sledging down a snow hill

Windmill Hill looked a great spot for sledging on Sunday. - Credit: Rob Weavers Photography

drone shot snow England

A drone shot capturing a snowy Stevenage. - Credit: CineCloud

Many residents took the chance to enjoy this snow day with their families, with your pictures being sent in from Fairlands Lake, King George V Playing Fields, and back gardens adorned with snowmen.

dog walk in snow

A wintry walk in Hitchin. - Credit: Rob Weavers Photography

snowy church

A snow-topped St Mary's Church in Hitchin. - Credit: Rob Weavers Photography

giant snowball snow day

A giant snowball created on King George V Playing Field, Hitchin. - Credit: Stephen Clarke

Got a great snow picture to share with us? Please email news@thecomet.net

snow fall in park

A snowy King George V Playing Field in Hitchin. - Credit: Stephen Clarke

giant snowball

The giant snow roll was enjoyed by plenty of residents. - Credit: Stephen Clarke

You sent us shots of your picturesque walks, winter sledging and your best snowmen creations.

snowman building stevenage

Roisin, 6, with her miniature snowman in Stevenage. - Credit: K Welch

snow on tree lake

Residents enjoyed a snowy stroll through Fairlands Lakes in Stevenage. - Credit: Deborah Johnston

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The Met Office continue to have a yellow weather warning in place for Herts until 11am today for ice, as sub-zero temperatures preserving Sunday's snowfall has also created an added ice risk.

winter snowman snow picture

A thick layer of snow covered all of Hertfordshire. - Credit: Rob Weavers Photography

With ice patches expected to cause disruption, the Met Office warn of icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths for those taking essential journeys. Some injuries may occur from slips and falls on icy surfaces.

snowman hitchin snow

Snowmen aplenty appear after snow falls in Hitchin. - Credit: Rob Weavers Photography

snowboarders england snow down hill

Snowboarders prepare to make good use of the snowy conditions on Sunday! - Credit: Rob Weavers Photography

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