Hitchin tattoo studio raises £2,863 for family of dying Stotfold boy

A tattoo designed by Stotfold's Ethan Martin - an eight-year-old boy who has terminal cancer and jus

A tattoo designed by Stotfold's Ethan Martin - an eight-year-old boy who has terminal cancer and just weeks left to live - has raised £2,863. Picture: courtesy of Hannah Matthews - Credit: Archant

A tattoo studio offered a unique design to walk-ins on Saturday, to raise money for the family of an eight-year-old boy who has cancer and just weeks left to live.

Ethan Martin, who lives in Stotfold, has spent half his little life battling cancer - having first been diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016 - but it is now terminal and Ethan is close to the end of his journey.

He has moved into Keech Hospice Care in Luton, with his mum staying with him.

Ethan's mum and step-dad, Hannah and Henry Matthews, are bringing forward Christmas so Ethan can celebrate it with his brothers Jack, four, and Brandon, 12.

To this end, Panic Ink tattoo studio in Hitchin offered to ink a design by Ethan on Saturday for £30 to raise money for the family to buy Christmas presents, or whatever else they may need.

Five tattoo artists worked from 10am to 5pm and, together with a cake sale, raised £2,863.

A spokesman for the Panic Ink team said: "It was such an amazing turnout. It was an absolute pleasure to meet all the great people who came in to get tattooed, buy cakes or just donate money, as it all means so much to Ethan and his family.

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"For the majority, it was just the heart design with the kiss - but for people who personally know Ethan or his family they had the full design with his name in the middle.

"It was wicked for all of us meeting Ethan's parents and family friends and to see what strong, supportive and deserving humans they are.

"Nobody should be put through what they're all having to deal with and they are handling it with dignity. Ethan is lucky to have them around him.

"If the money raised makes little Ethan and his family's life even a little bit more special for their Christmas then we have accomplished what we set out to.

"In a world where all we seem to hear about is hate, people truly came together and spread a bit of love.

"We are extremely proud of our artists who worked hard all day, the cake makers standing outside in the cold, our loyal customers who came in throughout the day and new friends who we have met this weekend."

Hannah had her son's design tattooed on her wrist - her first ever tattoo. She said: "It was such a fantastic thing for Panic Ink to do. All our friends and family now have the tattoo."

Hannah and Henry are looking at using some of the money raised to take Ethan, Jack and Brandon to Lapland UK for an early Christmas treat.