Talented musician and inspirational mum from Hitchin looks forward to being ‘Big In Japan’ with her stunning album

Jayne Mason. Picture: Gary Durham

Jayne Mason. Picture: Gary Durham - Credit: Archant

A hard-working mum of two from Hitchin is proving to be an inspiration to those who follow their dreams – after releasing an album set to take Japan by storm.


Talented pianist, composer and musician Jayne Mason has juggled bringing up two teenage boys with writing, recording and releasing the album Resolution, which has received critical acclaim.

Classically trained Jayne teaches the piano to budding musicians at Kingshott School on Stevenage Road as well, as running Glee-themed signing classes at St Faith’s Church in Woolgrove Road.

She has been told she is an inspiration to many mums for her determination to achieve long-term dreams – and she’s looking forward to her record breaking into new markets, including the Far East.

Talking to the Comet, the singer said modestly: “I’m just a mum of two who is very happy about the way things are going at the moment.

“My album Resolution feels like the promise I made to myself a long time ago to work hard and really try and harness all my creativity and desire to have “My boys – 13-year-old Dexter and 15-year-old Judson – have been brilliant. One of my songs is called Nostalgia, and started as a lullaby for them when they were babies.

“They’d sit on my lap as I played and would sometimes touch a key and it’d become part of the music. Over the years the piece has developed to a gentle but strong composition touching on the ups and down of life.

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“The feedback’s been incredible. It’s been lovely to have so many people support me – including my musician partner Rob Le Plar, who understands the commitment it takes.”

“Music is so important to me, it’s my absolute passion and it was always my dream to record music. I think my 20-something self would look at me now and say: ‘Do you know what? I’m quite proud of you.’”

Partner Rob added: “Jayne is really talented. I know how hard she’s worked on this and I’m so proud of her’

The album, which is a mix of jazz, ambient and classical, is expected to be big in Japan – with Jayne set to tour the country in the near future.

Paul Jolly, executive producer for the 33 Record Label, said: “Jayne’s a very special pianist bringing together many different genres of music, wrapped up in a direct and emotional impact on the senses. She’s a very welcome addition to our label.”

Jayne also teaches at St Christopher School and St Francis’ College in Letchworth, and teaches in the very classroom where she herself learned music as a St Francis pupil.

She said: “It’s exciting to teach youngsters in the same room I learned music in. The pupils I teach are really pleased for me. Maybe one of them will release an album in a few years too. I hope so.

“I’ve been helped massively by former music teacher Peter Maundell. He sent me a really lovely, emotional letter. It was very kind of him.

“I’m just very excited about what the future holds.”

Resolution is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Buy it on Amazon here, or click here for a preview on iTunes.

For more email her on jaynemason235@btinternet.com.

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