Susan’s Hitchin cake-baking begins to blossom

Blossom cakes and Bakes owner Susan Stevenson.

Blossom cakes and Bakes owner Susan Stevenson. - Credit: Archant

A frustrated commuter who quit her job to follow her dream says that her blossoming baking business is the icing on the cake.

Susan Stevenson's 'Grand Piano' creation.

Susan Stevenson's 'Grand Piano' creation. - Credit: Archant

Susan Stevenson wasn’t enjoying her role in the rat race selling telecoms equipment, but she finds being the boss of Hitchin-based Blossom Cakes and Bakes much more to her taste.

She said: “I was in a job which I didn’t really enjoy. I started a family and commuted to London doing long hours.

“I’d always had a passion for baking, I’ve been an avid baker for years and decided to take the plunge and turned my hobby into a business.

“My motivation is to combine the taste and comfort you get with home baking with original designs to provide high quality, bespoke celebration cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and tray bakes.

Susan Stevenson's R2D2 Star Wars' creation.

Susan Stevenson's R2D2 Star Wars' creation. - Credit: Archant

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“I’ve been asked to design and bake many different things – from castles and pirate ships to vinyl records, Mr Blobby and Frozen characters.

“I’ve done a Porche 911 for a 50th birthday and R2D2 from Star Wars, even a tool box for a surprise birthday cake for a 90 year-old who I was told loved pottering about in his shed!

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“I suppose the strangest request I’ve had was for a gentleman who asked me to design a cake with a man and two women in a bed.

“Let’s just say I like to keep an open mind!

“A lot of people re-order, and I love to see the looks on the faces of my customers when they see the finished product.

“My inspiration is to put a smile on their faces with delicious and great-looking treats.

“It’s hard work – but I am enjoying my new career so much, as it’s nice to be creative.

“I’ve also met so many different people after leaving the London rat-race.

“Before, when I used to talk about my job selling telecoms equipment people didn’t really understand what I did – now when I tell them I bake cakes they all take an interest!

“It’s a time-consuming activity, and I’m restricted by what I can fit into my oven.

“But I have a degree in engineering which helps. It did when I was asked to bake a grand piano cake with legs and a lid.

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I try not to bore my husband about it – but he’s been great and has really supported me with this.”

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