Successful debut album release for young Ickwell musician

Ickwell musician El Jay Rose has released a successful debut album. Picture: Catherine Rose

Ickwell musician El Jay Rose has released a successful debut album. Picture: Catherine Rose - Credit: Archant

A young singer from Ickwell has released his debut album to much acclaim.

Elliot Rose, 23, who performs under the stage name of El Jay Rose has released his first album, Empyrean Way, with intitial sales going well.

Speaking to the Comet, he said: “It was really exciting to release the album and its going really well so far.

“I’ve sold out of CD copies and I am having to get more sent to me.

“The comments from people who have bought it have been positive, with people praising the diversity of the songs on the album so I’m really pleased.”

Elliot graduate from the renowned Brighton College of Modern Music with a degree in music performance and is self taught on the piano and guitar, both of which he plays on the album.

The diversity of his nine-track debut release was both a deliberate choice and inspired by his musical idol.

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“Freddie Mercury is a really inspiration to me,” Elliot explained.

“I love Queen, I am absolutely obsessed with them and I listend to their songs throughout making the album as they are so diverse in their style.

“I wanted to have that diversity on my album so there was a song for everyone.

“That’s why the songs range from pop to rock and folk to indie.”

Elliot has also recorded two unreleased music videos, confirming they will be available soon.

“I’ve always wanted to do a music video but it’s the first time I’ve done one as they aren’t cheap.

“Luckily, I found two guys who were a similar age to me who have high aspirations and helped me produced a video for a low price.

“It was great to film and having seen the footage I am very pleased with how they look.”

Following the release of his album, the Ickwell native has his eye on a successful future.

“I am aiming for a record deal of course but the most important thing is building a following.

“It’s easy for people to say they like your music but getting them to follow you is so hard.

“The dream is to have a big enough following that I can earna living from doing what I love.”

El Jay Rose’s album Empyrean Way is available now on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and from his website