Stotfold residents shocked after abandoned baby discovery

DISBELIEF resounds around a sleepy Bedfordshire estate after an abandoned new-born baby was discovered last night (Wednesday).

The infant, believed to be between one and five days old was found in an alley outside a property on Kipling Crescent, Fairfield Estate, Stotfold.

She was wrapped in a blanket inside a plastic bag and a resident discovered the child while locking up last night.

Emergency services were scrambled to the estate and the baby, who is fit and well, was taken to Lister Hospital, where she was cared for.

“I was here last night and saw the police cars and ambulances, there were quite a lot of them here,” said a Kipling Crescent resident, who did not want to be named.

“It was pretty busy, and the lights were flashing.

“It’s sad, I’m a bit shocked by it all.”

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When quizzed residents said they couldn’t believe that a child had been abandoned so close to their homes and were surprised it had happened on their doorsteps.

Charles Cable, who lives in Fairfield Hall, said: “I lived in London, you’d expect to find something like that in London, but here it’s very rural, it’s a bit of a shock.”

A mother however speculated that the child was dumped in the estate because it is an affluent area with many young families.

“I can’t imagine how anyone could do that. Maybe they thought they would be looked after if they left her in a nice area,” said Helen Tomlin of Bronte Avenue.

However many people The Comet spoke to said they would be keeping an eye open for any information on the shock discovery.

James Mayes, hair stylist at Eden, near where the girl was found, said: “I think it’s an absolute shame for the mother, the family and the child.

“I will be keeping an eye open for any information and help as much as we can.”

The police are investigating the incident and the child is in the care of social services, who are responsible for her care until her mother can be traced.

Detective Inspector Jerry Waite, from the Public Protection Unit, is leading the enquiry and is keen to speak to anyone who may have information about who the mother could be.

He said: “The baby is safe and well so our priority now is to find her mother.

“She must have been under great personal pressure in order to have felt she had no choice but to abandon her child.

“I would like to reassure her that our concern is for her wellbeing.

“She may need medical attention and will clearly be distressed so if she, or anyone who knows her, can tell us where she is please contact the police.”

Anyone with information can call the main switchboard on 01234 841212, text to 07786 200011 or call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111